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Sriram Emani is an actor-singer-dancer, TEDx speaker and creative entrepreneur. He has played lead roles in award-winning indie films and commercials with leading brands across the United States.
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Lead Actor

See how Sriram’s training helps him bring unique, nuanced roles to life that are breaking stereotypes in theater, film and commercials

Lifestyle Model

With a unique look and ability to converse with the camera, Sriram brings energy and depth to his print and lifestyle projects

Creative Entrepreneur

Living as a nomad with 50 families across 50 cities, Sriram started the IndianRaga movement that has revolutionized Indian classical arts

Engaging Speaker

Sriram brings his unique passion for storytelling and leadership through the arts to TEDx, MIT, NYU, and other iconic forums

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Ivy League Consultant

As a 5-star rated admissions consultant on GMAT Club, Sriram has shaped stories of thousands of applicants for Ivy League programs

Versatile Singer

Learn more about Sriram’s training and performing experience as a vocalist in various musical styles

Competitive Dancer

One of a handful South Asian-origin, advanced-level competitive dancers in 10 styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing, Sriram brings unique movement skill to projects

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Writer and Storyteller

Learn about Sriram’s debut fiction novel that is soon to be published, among other novel and screenplay projects he is bringing to life

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